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Since 1919


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Rucquoy Frères

The Specialty Green Coffee Trader

In the world of coffee the market share of “gourmet” coffees is winning importance every day.
For Rucquoy Frères - green coffee trader, established in 1919, these specialty and quality coffees are no small talk but everyday reality. 25 Years ago we decided to focus completely on quality, sustainability and certifications for specialty coffees as well as for mainstream qualities.
To reach this goal we work directly with certified and non-certified coffee producers (85-90% of our volume). At the same time we noticed that small and medium sized green coffee producers delivered us a better quality coffee at a competitive price.

Since its foundation Rucquoy Frères tries to establish a strong and confidential contact with his clients. This is a still ongoing good relation- and working partnership. To satisfy all the participants in the coffee chain we set out 5 objectives to be met: quality, food safety, traceability, ecology and sustainability through inter alia certified green coffees.

Main Origins

Green Coffee

We are focussed on quality, whether or not certified, green coffees from over the world but specialised in Centrals and South American coffee, Africans, Asian arabica’s and washed robusta’s.

As we work back to back we are always prepared to find you the suited quality. 

Green Coffee Trader

Rucquoy Frères

The firm was founded in 1919. Roger Roblain started 40 years later in the company, in 1959.

26 years later he took over the company and in 1987 Diane started to work at Rucquoy’s.

End of the 80’s, beginning of the 90’s, they reconverted to a specialty and quality green coffee buyer and seller, where service and personal relationship are key.

In 2008 the future of the company was secured when Stéphanie made her entrance in Rucquoy Frères.


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For over more than 25 years

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Stéphanie Jocquet


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We are a passionate and empowered Coffee Family!

Roger Roblain

General Manager
Mob.: +32 475 725 715

Stéphanie Jocquet

Managing Director
Coffee buyer & seller
Mob.: +32 479 65 05 01

Jérôme Geels

Coffee trader
Mob.: +32 497 15 84 23

Sandra Vermeulen

Tel: +32 3 237 44 12

Daniel de Bot

Tel.: +32 3 237 44 12

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